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27th-Dec-2020 06:38 pm - FRIENDS ONLY!
You know what? This LJ is closed from 16th july 2010. I'm sorry :°°°D

Sorry! this Livejournal is friends only with some unlocked entries.
If you want to add me, please check this little memo:

You can add me if:
1. you're funny, simple and friendly person and want to be my friend!
2. you love jpop, jrock and so on.
3. you love anime, manga.
4. you love Japan, for every little thing.
5. you're not omophobic.
6. you're takeshi hosomi *caugh*
7. you love MUSE.
8. you love brit pop, uk punk.

You can't fucking add me if:
1. you want just randomly add someone.

If you want to be added, comment this entry!
16th-Jul-2010 12:26 am - Yep,
My LJ adventure blog stops here. I'm not constant also i have other blog where i can write so this is the end for the lj updates :°D take care guys. Sorry for not comment or similar, i'm kind of crappy lj friend. that's all.
...so i stopped, i even writing something different (Yeah, like if someone was interested :°D).

I know i'm not that kind of person who makes a lot of comments (for more than one reason) but that's ok.
But now i'm just thinking why i've start a livejournal (over communities).

Yes, i mean, i have even a mixi account, ameblog and facebook, so i think there's no meaning of writing even ever :°°D Also i'm gonna open a blog for my fimo creation (i'm still a newbie, but i want to make something really different ) So, i'm just think about what should i do about my lj.

yep, that's all, lol.
Coff......;__; sono stata un po impegnata con il lavoro + fimo + scazzo XD
In più non c'è molto da dire, quindi boh, ecco la canzone


Watch MUCC - FUZZ in Entertainment  |  View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com

It reminds me when my friend pinkholic went to torino during christmas holyday. This song is TOTALLY LOVE and we laugh so much when we think about this song.So, for me this is an event XD
See you tomorrow for Day 8!!
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I'm fucking tired!
this evening was really tiring at work and i noticed i have to work tomorrow too, from 17 to 2am..........i wonder if i'll still alive XD

Dj Otzi - Anton Aus Tirol (Anton from Tirol i guess.........Hope the translation is right!)

LOL this song reminds me the beauitful summer of 2007, when i was in trentino (south tirol, italian part of) for work. Lol there's no particular meaning of this song, just we sang it all together and laught a lot.For some reason,summer 2007 was the best for my work, but was also the worst summer ever since my granpa died at the end of august. I miss him so much.

See you tomorrow for Day 7!!
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Radiohead - All I need

Yeah, i sometimes really miss him.Every Radiohead'songs makes me think about him and there's nothing i can do about it. Sometimes when we were together he sang for me this song(and sometimes we were sang together Starlight by Muse). Yeah, it still hurts sometimes. Sometimes i guess how would it be if we haven't say some things,do some things. Sometimes it hurts like hell.

See you tomorrow for Day 6!!
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19th-May-2010 01:22 am - DAY 04 A song that makes you sad :(
Maan,  there's a lot of song who makes me sad.
Here's one, with really deep lyrics. and also it was in an episode of SCRUBS which was really sad(also one of my favorite episodes ever) so...i guess it's ok!

The Fray - How to save a life

And just because, here's the episode from SCRUBSCollapse )
See you tomorrow for Day 5!!
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17th-May-2010 11:34 pm - Day 03 A song that makes you happy
Today this entry will be mainly Italian  + meme, sorry w

ARGHHHH TWT oddio *è ancora sconvolta*
oggi sono uscita con mia mamma perchè doveva andare a pagare l'assicurazione della macchina, io non avevo voglia di truccarmi tanto meno di pettinarmi (LOL)e quindi sono uscita, con il pensiero"tanto sto fuori 10minuti, chi vuoi che mi veda così, poi IL LUNEDI' MATTINA non c'è mai nessuno in giro"...

ecco appunto.
All'agenzia c'era il ragazzo per il quale io ho avuto una cotta tremenda di 4 anni.Superfidanzato ora.Sempre più bello.ç_______________ç (E cazzo, ora che ci penso assomiglia una cifra a tsumabuki xD)e io ero vestita come una barbona, forse peggio e avevo i capelli in aria ocme una pazza...bohohoh *vuole tornare indietro* vabbè..Terzo giorno fanciulle...e sto scrivendo ancora O_O''' incredibbile.

Day 3 A song that makes you happy

Doping Panda feat. Verbal - Majestic Trancer


"Verbal is the only person that can make the pink gay music video manly "



See you tomorrow for Day 4!!/ as veduma duman! *non ha idea di come si scriva in piemontese*
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16th-May-2010 05:24 pm - DAY 2 - your least favorite song
Well,i worked until 3AM...i got back at home and checked email....and i tried to sleep.I guess i was able to sleep after 4AM....................................and i woke up at 15.30PM...Longest slept ever LOOL

I mean. A song which i don't really like.
Since i don't have my least favorite song LOL
I mean. I don't understand what kind of song would be "yes i like but...", that's all.

Daddy Yankee - La Gasolina

See you tomorrow for Day 3!!
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27th-Feb-2010 09:18 pm - casual entry lol
Fashion brand community - poupeegirl
by poupeegirl

yo XD well, i used to had a poupeegirl long long long time ago :°°°D and of course i totally forgot about her.But in these days i start to play so if you want to add me my poupeegirl is here XD
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